How It All Started

tom and rachel hakes and kids from nicaragua

 Having spent 3 years serving as Missionaries in Nicaragua and seeing the incredible need there, Tom and Rachel Hakes developed a passion to find ways to use business to help empower those who are making a real difference in people’s lives. Ultimately, Tom and Rachel would like to return to Nicaragua to offer training in entrepreneurial skills and basic business fundamentals, ultimately offering micro-financing to promising Nicaraguan leaders to open their own businesses. Through these young leaders and businesses, not only will jobs be provided, but these businesses will be designed to impact their own communities by giving back in tangible ways and by sharing the love of Jesus with their own neighbors. Out of this passion, Home Decor Amor was created as a first step to raising funds not only for their own family, but to give back in carefully selected donations to National leaders and vetted organizations that are truly making a difference. You can be sure that at Home Decor Amor, 50% of the profits from your purchase will go to change lives. It’s why we exist as a company. We are currently in the very beginning stages of doing business. We look forward to expanding our product lines and projects that we fund. Stay connected with us to see how your money being spent as we post videos of the different projects we will have been able to support thanks to your purchases.



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