Inspiring 3 Minute Video Introducing Our First Project: Jonathan’s Story.

We met Jonathan Collado 3 years ago while serving as missionaries in Nicaragua.  One of the most amazing parts of our experience in Nicaragua was being able to work with amazing young people like Jonathan, who have come from desperate situations themselves, but through the transforming love of Jesus, and the willingness of others to reach out and disciple them, they have OVERCOME!   Jonathan, like so many other Young people in Nicaragua was raised by his grandmother.  His Father left the family and his mother was unable to support he and his sister.  Because of that, at a very young age, Jonathan had to quit school to go work for his extended family diving for lobsters.  He spent loooooong hours out in the strong tides of the Pacific Ocean bringing in very little money to help support himself, his sister and his grandmother.

Later in life, he met a group of kids who were being raised up by a local church ministry as leaders in the community.  They were discipled in the Word of God and taught how to care for others in the same way.  It was through this ministry that Jonathan received a strong calling to enter into this ministry’s 3 year School of Missions.  Having absolutely no money, Jonathan had to go by faith that God would provide for his needs.  Many times along the journey, his faith was truly tested, but his commitment to spending his life sharing the hope that he himself found in Jesus’ love strengthened him to keep believing and pushing through. 

He is now in his 3rd year of that school and believing by faith to raise approximately $5,000.00 to spend a year in Uruguay ministering to children.  To put it in perspective, $5,000.00 is more than an average Nicaraguan makes in 2 years of full time work.  Jonathan, having seen God provide before, is believing again for these funds.  We at Home Decor Amor want to stand with him.  We know his heart and his character personally.  With great pleasure we will give 50% of the profits to him until his goal is met.  Please pray for Jonathan as he believes God for these funds.

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  1. What a precious and awe inspiring testimony of the Love found only in Christ. The determination and dedication to the Call of God is amazing. May God richly bless His hands extended through each one of you…

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